President promulgates mandatory funded pensions reform

21.10.2020, 10:35

President Kersti Kaljulaid on Tuesday promulgated the law on the reform of mandatory funded pensions which makes substantial changes to the existing pension system, after the Supreme Court had turned down the president’s request to declare the reform...

Interior minister: We are prepared to move to the opposition

21.10.2020, 10:32

The coalition Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) is willing to go all the way in the government crisis, even if the price is moving to the opposition, Minister of the Interior Mart Helme told Postimees in an interview on Tuesday afternoon.

Value crisis: Center and EKRE knock each other’s teeth in

20.10.2020, 12:10

An interview Minister of the Interior Mart Helme (EKRE) gave to Deutsche Welle has given rise to a government crisis the partners are not finding easy to solve. A coalition MP said that Center and the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) have knocked each...

Interior minister to Deutsche Welle: Let the gays run to Sweden

19.10.2020, 12:04

Minister of the Interior Mart Helme (Conservative People’s Party - EKRE) gave a long interview to German broadcaster Deutsche Welle where ha said why marriage should only be a union between a man and a woman and admitted he looks unfavorably upon sexual...

Nordica given state aid

16.10.2020, 4:51

State-owned airline Nordica that has spent the last six months virtually broke has finally received €30 million in state support. More than two-thirds of the money will be spent on settling debts.

Voltri: Freezing salaries will lead to strike

15.10.2020, 11:24

The salary of teachers should be at least 20 percent higher than the national average and match the wage level of other highly educated specialists, head of the Estonian Education Personnel Union Reemo Voltri said on the “Otse Postimehest” webcast.

Hillar Teder: No link between donation and Porto Franco loan decision

14.10.2020, 10:45

The Center Party that was embroiled in a donation scandal as recently as this summer took in three times as much in donations than other parties combined in the third quarter. The party’s most generous donor was businessman Hillar Teder whose only donation...

Estonia complements ammunition stores

13.10.2020, 10:42

South Korean K9 mobile artillery, presented at the Defense Forces Central Polygon last week, and new assault rifles constitute this year’s most visible defense investments that help take the Estonian Defense Forces’ weaponry to the next level. However, for...

Estonia to participate in developing global coronavirus testing app

12.10.2020, 11:54

Estonian software developer Nortal that was recently voted company of the year by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is involved in the development of an application called SimplyGO that will allow people to...

Lang: Matters were handled very democratically

09.10.2020, 10:41

MS Estonia survivor Carl Eric Laantee Reintamm and former justice minister Rein Lang who used to disagree on the disaster agree that a new investigation is needed.

Flights ban lifted for prime minister

08.10.2020, 10:09

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Taavi Aas (Center) admitted on Wednesday that the confusion over whether charter flights are allowed or not arose because Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (Center) needed to make a quick visit to Sweden to discuss a...

Amendment would stop banks from closing accounts

07.10.2020, 10:04

An amendment has been entered into Riigikogu proceedings that would obligate banks to open accounts to all individuals and companies in Estonia. While entrepreneurs are glad to escape the yoke of banks, the latter say that the change would render anti-money...

Kaljulaid offers OECD Estonia’s experience during difficult times

06.10.2020, 11:43

President Kersti Kaljulaid, who is running for the position of OECD secretary general, said when presenting her vision for the office on Monday that both the organization and the world are standing on the precipice of change. Mainly as concerns energy and...

Should hate speech be punishable?

02.10.2020, 12:44

The European Commission could launch infringement proceedings against Estonia because its laws have not been harmonized with the 2008 EU directive on criminalization of hate speech and tougher punishments. Most Estonian MEPs are in favor of amending existing...

Additional funds to reach every ministry

01.10.2020, 11:33

The government on Wednesday handed the Riigikogu next year’s state budget bill. The Ministry of Social Affairs tops the list of beneficiaries, with a plan in place to cut the state’s operating expenses by €10 million.

Everyone gets theirs in 2021 state budget

30.09.2020, 12:33

The government on Tuesday approved the 2021 state budget bill and the 2021-2024 fiscal strategy. The new budget suggests that all coalition partners have managed to include their election promises in what will be a local government council elections year. Cuts...

Head of expert committee: Coverup without end

29.09.2020, 12:38

Former head of the Estonia disaster expert committee Margus Kurm says that it is likely MS Estonia sank after colliding with a Swedish submarine that was guarding military equipment on board the Estlink passenger ferry. Kurm worked with the team of a new...

Documentary crew finds big hole in M/S Estonia ferry wreck

28.09.2020, 11:58

A film crew that made a documentary about the 1994 M/S Estonia ferry disaster for the Discovery television channel while diving near the wreck found a four-meter-long hole in the hull of the ship, which had previously been partially covered by the seabed.

«I am not a mediator between Freeh and Estonia»

28.09.2020, 11:51

It was revealed during Riigikogu Question Time last week that Louis Freeh’s law firm was first contacted on the Estonian state’s behalf by London-based investment banker Ragnar Meitern. The situation is made more curious by the fact that Meitern is now a...

New series on Estonia shipwreck promises major revelation

25.09.2020, 2:17

The Discovery Channel that will air a new five-part documentary series on the MS Estonia shipwreck in the Nordic region on Monday promises that “a find that will change everything” will be revealed. The series will analyze the circumstances of the tragedy,...

Helme no confidence motion fails

24.09.2020, 5:19

The Wednesday attempt to express no confidence in Minister of Finance Martin Helme (EKRE) was the first of the political year. The opposition filed four motions of no confidence against government ministers over eight months last year. The coalition held firm...

Every fifth coronavirus patient ends up in hospital

22.09.2020, 10:32

The Ida-Viru Central Hospital is working close to capacity and the situation might escalate elsewhere, Mait Altmets, head of the infection control service of the North Estonia Medical Center (PERH), says.

Social minister: Coronavirus vaccine to be distributed free of charge

21.09.2020, 10:51

The government on Thursday approved allocating €1.5 million as Estonia’s down payment for European Union COVID-19 vaccine pre-purchase contracts. Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik (Center) says the plan is to inoculate risk groups and front-line...

Peterson: Unemployment Insurance Fund would support tourism with €25 million

17.09.2020, 11:26

Rapid public sector cuts and lower salaries would unleash a domino effect, chairman of the supervisory board of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, head of trade unions Peep Peterson told the “Otse Postimehest” webcast on Wednesday.

Defense minister: Ministry asking for bare minimum

16.09.2020, 12:02

Minister of Defense Jüri Luik (Isamaa) criticized Minister of the Interior Mart Helme’s (EKRE) claim from Sunday according to which national defense is lacking on the “Otse Postimehest” webcast on Tuesday.